$2.2 Million in CMIEDF Funding Offers Extended

It is with great pleasure that we announce the first call for proposals by the CMIEDF (Canadian Medical Isotope Ecosystem Development Fund) has concluded successfully. We are delighted to share that provisional funding offers have been extended to multiple deserving applicants, amounting to over $2.2 million in support! This is a testament to the innovative … Read more

Canadian Medical Isotope Ecosystem Announces Development Fund to foster innovation in the Canadian Isotope Industry

The Canadian Medical Isotope Ecosystem Development Fund (CMIEDF) will invest in Canadian projects that advance medical isotope supply or develop emerging technologies in radiotherapeutics and diagnostics. On November 16, the Canadian Medical Isotope Ecosystem (CMIE) – an initiative co-led by TRIUMF Innovations and the Centre for Probe Development and Commercialization (CPDC) – held an industry … Read more

Government strengthens Canada’s leadership role in medical isotope production

Accelerator and nuclear reactors, in partnership with First Nations and biomanufacturing, to receive up to $35 million to support the development, production, advancement and distribution of medical isotopes used in fight against cancer and in diagnostic imaging June 27, 2023 – Tiverton, Ontario The Government of Canada continues to deliver on its promise to rebuild and … Read more