About the CMIE

The Canadian Medical Isotope Ecosystem (CMIE) represents a dynamic, nation-wide community that is dedicated to strengthening the Canadian medical isotope sector by providing resources to connect organizations, create new jobs, and through our development fund (CMIEDF), fund next generation medical isotope programs.

Led by TRIUMF Innovations and the Centre for Probe Development and Commercialization, the CMIEDF is backed by the Government of Canada’s Strategic Innovation Fund. The CMIEDF is an $80M initiative that aims to unite a diverse array of stakeholders in the medical isotope sector and to accelerate technology development and commercialization.

Our plan is to:

  • Accelerate commercialization of early-stage medical isotope technologies
  • Foster collaboration between researchers, SMEs, and not-for-profits
  • Leverage past investments in infrastructure to build out manufacturing capabilities

Which will result in:

  • Establishing Canada as an innovation hub
  • Attracting investment in the medical isotope sector
  • Growing the industry through company creation
  • Creating hundreds of highly skilled jobs

Ultimately, this will:

  • Position Canada as a manufacturing and export hub for medical isotopes
  • Ensure that Canadians have full access to next-generation medical isotope technologies
  • Fuel economic development


The CMIE was brought forth for Canadians, by Canadians. The foundation of this initiative is built to benefit Canada in the following areas:


Invigorate the Canadian economy in the radioisotope market by establishing a global radioisotope supply-chain, fostering new products, and creating new job opportunities.


Support Canadian innovations by increasing Canada’s capabilities in the medical isotope field, enabling new biotech start-ups, and attracting new stakeholders from other countries to the Canadian ecosystem. 


The CMIEDF practices and encourages Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) policies, with representation across all demographics, with a particular focus on indigenous populations.